The Trickster’s Song

Trust in me
for I will lead you to
the brilliant sunlit gardens that
you yearned for wandering in these sultry marshes
without your struggling feet sinking
and your heart’s slow drumming
feeling faint
I will lead you to it
to escape this dreary life’s struggle
you’ll never have to worry about tomorrow
a paradise free of cold and dark
you have always dreamed of
Trust in me



Lapis Philosophorum

Their burnt Magnum Opus.
In search for the one which gave them hope-
the glories, the riches, and the life worth it all.
Scientists and philosophers alike,
they travelled far and wide.
Till the end.
Till their ends.
The owner of the one
worn of temptations searched another.
A fantastical cure for life’s dull weariness.
To heal the scars of time and restore.
A sliver to transmute
hearts of stone.

Their hearts of stone.



shines upon their lucid skies
guiding the lone ships to unknown lands
to battles to be won and legends to be sung
to vanquish the stark limits of man
They appear cloaked under
the silence
Then they storm with war calls
for warriors they are living or dead
fighting the enemies like their ancient Gods
seizing the day after day to win
their names etched with the brave
in bright skies




A Worldly Man

Wish him luck,
for he’s a worldly man.
He stands for justice, work, and himself.
An odd amalgam- contradicting each other.
He assigns himself desperate tasks,
to prove his precious worth,
as little.
As little,
as his self sympathy.
He doesn’t believe in mere failures.
A no-nonsense guy, as righteous as they come.
He will cure the world of delusions.
The world only exists,
as he sees.

Just as he sees it.