A Sand Grain’s Wish

Through endless smooth plains of the monotonous,
where all that prevails are the shifting hills,
made of billions identical to us.

Where grim diurnal ascents seldom time stills.
Reaching for the sea, I am lost in these lands.
Among billions cursed to serve their Devils

Creeping and skimming and reaching the last strands.
Trying to avoid the eternal traps of caves.
I search for a purpose no one understands-

To gradually sink under the foamy waves
and reach the solitude of a fathomless grave.



A Drive through the Desert

For hours he drove into the hostile desert,
winding roads breaking waves of monotony,
reality engulfed in the trail of dirt.

Erased the sterile urban cacophony,
free from his initial sour hesitation,
no longer alone in his harsh agony.

He blamed society for his agitation,
he blamed himself for the dissipated hours
and the endless cycle of black temptation.

The flamboyant patch of rogue desert flowers
keeps his high hopes burning to see another.
A conscious choice to destroy hollow towers.

Allowing the roads to set the course further,
Dreaming about living life like no other.


Hit and Run

I knew that it would come to this curious end,
pulsating lights move in spiral lines of red,
now they cease their infinite vague twists that bend.

Moved along the wicked maze of signs which read,
‘Danger! Warning! Danger!’ they bled everywhere,
I saw them-a million times- yet now I’m dead.

Faint grey ghastly figures surround me and stare,
their sullen faces relieved that its not them,
I could know what happened, but how could I bear?

Freedom from drudgery, and free from mayhem,
these few breaths of worldly peace as I succumb.