Ode To Lost Friendships

We all lose friends
the ones we grew up with
the ones we lived with
the ones we travelled with

We all lose friends
even when we thought
that our friendship was
built to last forever

We all lose friends
though we think we haven’t
and they are still there
but they are long gone

We all lose friends
to fights, to sickness, to death,
to distance, to misunderstandings,
and to life, both ours and theirs

We all lose friends
some we loved like family
some we couldn’t live without
some in the abyss of forget

But they are never really gone
they dwell in memories
where they will always
complete the puzzle of our pasts



Ode to the Last Leaf

Frost ascends towards the last leaf,
cold touch occluding its bleak sigh,
ungracious fate left it with Grief,
contemptuous season passes by.

Undulating carpets of white,
smother the withering flowers,
reflecting the brilliant sunlight,
trees weighed down by snowy showers.

Alas! left to its dying whim,
cursed with the awful boon of life,
to witness the departure grim,
while battling stubborn weather’s strife.

Raging currents of torturous air,
cannot drown its prayer mellow,
accepting destiny deemed unfair,
aged veins waning shades of yellow.