She sang Turtles All the Way Down

The Earth…“, he said with pride,
is suspended in space
filled with matter we can’t see.
I bring to you the Future

But it is the turtle!
The grand old turtle!
Who never let us down once“,
she knew the Past and Future.

Pray tell me old woman“,
he drew the sword of wit,
If this turtle bears the world,
on what does this grand being stand?”

Her answer was ready
for the cynical man.
For those who think they are wise.
Who own the absolute truth.

The turtle stands grandly on
the grander turtles all the way down!”




Dialogue with Atlas

“How do you live,
with the heavens
crushing your soul-
all smothering”

Memories they
impart their strength,
I am but a

“Why don’t you leave,
leave the sphere to
infinite void,
savour release”

What have I left,
but this wretched
sphere of Gaia,
I ceased to be


This is for the one who accepts the burdens of others.
Be strong. Stronger.
Happy Birthday.