Night Time Woeful Tunes

Languishing white songs-
on moonlight float to the starved
Stalking them still waves




Paved a dreary path through the waking,
a solemn passage in time.
Severed tears to quell the aching,
rather poor funeral crime.

In a world as cruel as her fate,
she lay draped in white so pure.
She had said that it’s never too late,
Now I stand beside her unsure.

The warm smells of laddoos and incense,
still drift across her bright room.
She surrendered to a steep descent.
while I sunk in a selfish gloom.

I dredged the dry riverbed of thoughts,
to recall our vivid days.
Braided streams of old memories’ knots
twisted in an endless maze.

A fiery beast climbs upon the sky,
threatening to scorch again,
The glorious era’s end will lie,
with the ashes of her reign.


A Sand Grain’s Wish

Through endless smooth plains of the monotonous,
where all that prevails are the shifting hills,
made of billions identical to us.

Where grim diurnal ascents seldom time stills.
Reaching for the sea, I am lost in these lands.
Among billions cursed to serve their Devils

Creeping and skimming and reaching the last strands.
Trying to avoid the eternal traps of caves.
I search for a purpose no one understands-

To gradually sink under the foamy waves
and reach the solitude of a fathomless grave.


Death by a Heat Attack

So hot.
God it’s hot.
Blazing heat spreads
as the years go by..
Infernal wrath descends
to slay the fans and ACs
to force us inside rooms all day
to dry our throats and drown us in sweat
to melt ice creams and make us detest clothes.
Now kneel and suffer Gaia’s scorching revenge.


To The Neighbour Who Plays Metal At Night

Meet my neighbour- Aspiring,
he claims that he’s an upcoming star.
Sometimes he shreds the metal strings,
sometimes he likes to play the base guitar.
I hear his pals beat the drums at night,
by 3 am he’s done with the drunken show.
We took the siege to the doors of death metal,
when last night’s grogginess turned into furious brow.
Our bangs and screeching never woke him up,
the man-child’s used to the usual symphony.
Only if the use of animal tranquillizers was legal,
his window would be an ideal target practice exigency.