Leap of Fate

Walked to the World’s edge

Where seldom people will stray

Draped eternally

In light and stars of the great

They beckon and I will take



A Drive through the Desert

For hours he drove into the hostile desert,
winding roads breaking waves of monotony,
reality engulfed in the trail of dirt.

Erased the sterile urban cacophony,
free from his initial sour hesitation,
no longer alone in his harsh agony.

He blamed society for his agitation,
he blamed himself for the dissipated hours
and the endless cycle of black temptation.

The flamboyant patch of rogue desert flowers
keeps his high hopes burning to see another.
A conscious choice to destroy hollow towers.

Allowing the roads to set the course further,
Dreaming about living life like no other.


No Man’s Land

My home is called a no man’s land,
a place where we took our last stand,
nothing grows on this frigid plain,
my skin burns drenched in acid rain,
a return ticket in my hand 

With just one tinned outpost now manned,
and no pernicious battles planned,
countless souls reaped after being slain,
My home is called…

They told me that I was now banned,
that I could not visit my land,
that there are things they won’t explain,
that this was now their grim domain,
I couldn’t deny their command so-
My home is called…


The Traveller Who Could Not Be

I stopped too long to run again,
burned midnight oil, worked in disdain.
brought bread to the table each day,
in free wanderings my heart lay.

Life’s tough, we all live in fast lane,
I stopped too long to run again.
Yet every night I close my eyes,
and dream of lucid brilliant skies

A world so big, so much to see,
with our duties, so much to be.
I stopped too long to run again,
all I have is this fate mundane.

Someday you’ll find me on strange lands,
being content, my yearning withstands.
I imagine, it keeps me sane,
I stopped too long to run again.