Wild Flowers

Brushed by the bright rays
blur of colours seldom dry
Summer’s wild flowers



A Sand Grain’s Wish

Through endless smooth plains of the monotonous,
where all that prevails are the shifting hills,
made of billions identical to us.

Where grim diurnal ascents seldom time stills.
Reaching for the sea, I am lost in these lands.
Among billions cursed to serve their Devils

Creeping and skimming and reaching the last strands.
Trying to avoid the eternal traps of caves.
I search for a purpose no one understands-

To gradually sink under the foamy waves
and reach the solitude of a fathomless grave.


Death by a Heat Attack

So hot.
God it’s hot.
Blazing heat spreads
as the years go by..
Infernal wrath descends
to slay the fans and ACs
to force us inside rooms all day
to dry our throats and drown us in sweat
to melt ice creams and make us detest clothes.
Now kneel and suffer Gaia’s scorching revenge.


The Frozen Lake

I ambled by the frozen lake,
watched the shadows flit at daybreak,
heard slow lonely cries of the Rook,
it wonders which crannies to look.

The seasons come and then they take,
I ambled by the frozen lake,
the forest dies and lives again,
to succumb and subdue Snow’s reign.

A flock of swans, they swim as Yang,
waters inky in which they sang,
I ambled by the frozen lake,
still dark dreaming when I’m awake.

The Loch summons me to its lair
frigid fingers warn of its snare,
my joints they curse and then they ache,
I ambled by the frozen lake.