The Trickster’s Song

Trust in me
for I will lead you to
the brilliant sunlit gardens that
you yearned for wandering in these sultry marshes
without your struggling feet sinking
and your heart’s slow drumming
feeling faint
I will lead you to it
to escape this dreary life’s struggle
you’ll never have to worry about tomorrow
a paradise free of cold and dark
you have always dreamed of
Trust in me



The River Damned

Blue Acheron

He  walked along the banks at last

Blue Acheron

Please trade him with the Night’s Charon

The river damned to soothe his past

Purged woe a lifetime had amassed

Blue Acheron


Dialogue with Atlas

“How do you live,
with the heavens
crushing your soul-
all smothering”

Memories they
impart their strength,
I am but a

“Why don’t you leave,
leave the sphere to
infinite void,
savour release”

What have I left,
but this wretched
sphere of Gaia,
I ceased to be


This is for the one who accepts the burdens of others.
Be strong. Stronger.
Happy Birthday.

Midnight at the Crossroads

I looked at the clock dreadfully,
it was nearing the midnight mark,
I knew that time was running out,
soon there’ll be a dark dialogue

And his eyes were
dying embers

“You meet him there, I’m sure you’ll see
his snaking shadow disappears,
he will stand there with an hourglass,
will wish that you were never born”

And his words as
smooth polished glass

I met him there a year ago,
I requested retribution,
when you have nothing to lose or
to live for, you cease to feel fear

And his promise
as sure as rain

I thought of fleeing, being afar,
but can I change my dreadful doom?
I present my soul to him now,
At the cursed crossroads with one path

And then he laughed-
I’m Inferno