A Lonely Lighthouse and its Castaway

We flood the seas in the dark
We flood the seas when it rains
We flood the seas in the smoke
That rolls above the waves
We spend most days leisurely
We struggle a few nights
We survive on bare necessities
That is why we thrive
We guide them ships by the bay
We bring them past the crags
We saved a thousand lives
That is why we strive
To see the capricious seas
That ne’er change
To see the shifting stars and moon
That ne’er vanish
To see the many sails
That ne’er fold
The irony
Everything changes
Yet nothing does
We spent a lifetime in this tower
and no one knew that we weren’t there.




The Pianist from Another Dimension

A humdrum world inside a bell,
I wonder if it’s like what it seems,
I watched them roll inside out
and no one flinched at the scenes.
Went to start a fight with them,
a sordid party to attend.
Where no one heard the final notes
and the colours didn’t make sense.
Where felines didn’t mind the mice,
who scurried past in endless loops.
Where they just saw themselves-
reflections off their empty stones.
The pianist played mournful tunes,
to sing of their current affairs.
He seemed like the only one,
not disillusioned by the vanity fairs.
So I marched to that sane man,
and punched out all his lights.
Oh well, if the world is to be doomed,
I might as well join the ranks.