No Skin

Promise that you will hold me, love.
even when I can’t feel your touch.
Promise me that you will find me,
even when I can’t do you much.

Certain nights when my heart grows cold,
promise that you will hold me, love,
you will purge me and redeem me.
More so when you can’t grasp my love.

You said you wanted to know me
everything and my heart whole.
Promise that you will hold me, love,
and I swear I will bare my soul.

You should know that I will wager-
this world, my hell, the heavens above.
For you, I’ll try to endeavour.
Just promise that you’ll hold me, love.



The Return of the One

To slow the whorl of time
I give you all that is mine
I tear it apart and burn the shreds
To try and get rid of all my dreads
So lie with me upon the dirt
Till it’s just us below this earth
Pray trust me when I say that it’s true
My heart still dances to your soulless tunes.


An Eternal Expedition

Dawn rose above the dark once more,
to search for the lost paragon.
The one of them legends and lore,
the one which was mine’s ever gone.

Brushed the abyss of the ancient,
sieved every bit stumbled upon,
to feel the pain of the sentient,
the one which was mine’s ever gone.

And as the valley of sleep dries,
waning rivers of hope are drawn,
to bring back the strong heart who lies,
the one which was mine’s ever gone. 



Water under the Bridge

Yesterday, you bid me goodbye.
All our dreams and fears vanished soon
before the last tear left my eye.
Just like water under the bridge.

Who would have known that we were built,
on fragile words and songs of June.
We were fleeting, petals which wilt.
Just like water under the bridge.

The pain will ebb away with time,
bringing me your scent one blue moon.
We disappear… A shade… I am.
Just like water under the bridge.


Her Solitude

We saw her walk untouched by the ravaging feud;
we hoped to be her, blind to her dark solitude.

While we fought and cried, and then wished to turn back time,
she trudged ahead beside her only solitude;

and when we died, we went down together at break,
and then she’ll die, in the strong arms of Solitude.

Clandestine paths, they skirt the battle grounds edges,
the frontiers which part for her long solitude.

How far do you trudge along sordid banks of Woe,
to trust her last resort of banal solitude.