The Anniversary Note 1

August 25, 2015,
I told myself that I was going to start writing again. However, this time, it wouldn’t be on handmade paper sheets of blank books I was gifted ages ago. This time, I wouldn’t let words wither away unseen.
“Happiness is only real when shared”
I’m applying the same logic to the poetry I write- my share of happiness.

Speaking of happiness, it has been more elusive than ever. We have faced tragedy, fear, hatred, and a host of other dreadful anti-happiness villains. These perilous times never seem to end, and the daily exposure to worldly horrors leaves a person numb. Besides, we all have our very own set of problems to deal with… most faced on an everyday basis. It has been a particularly terrible year for me- definitely in the bottom 5 years of my life. The stress could have aged me faster by a few years. Maybe sharing and reading poetry will be de-stressing (and anti-ageing). Writing poetry definitely is.

There is something wonderful about structured writing- poetry, especially. It blends thoughts, ideas, and observations, with a certain pleasant lilting brevity. I write whatever I think about at the moment, and through whichever form of poetry that I’m drawn to at the moment. It’s liberating.

I thank everyone who has ever liked the poems throughout the year. I will unabashedly say that the appreciation is cherished. There are times when I scroll down blogs written by fellow WordPressers, and go on a ‘like’ rampage. It’s amazing how much people put across through their words.

I hope that I can keep writing.
This is my anniversary resolution.




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